Top 10 Attractions That You Must See In Cyprus

Cyprus has a mixed culture influenced by the Greeks, Romans, Turkish other cultures in the region. This leaves the country with a plethora of interesting and rich attractions that anyone must see. Should you want to visit Cyprus either for holiday or work to enjoy these attractions, do not hesitate to speak to an agent at One Visa for more information. Below are the top ten attractions to look for while in Cyprus.


It is also pronounced and spelled as Curium. Located in Limassol, Cyprus, the archeological site depicts how the Neolithic settlement was done. It dates back to thirteenth century BC. Here people can enjoy a lot of attractions including a Roman market and an ancient theatre.

The church of Agios Lazaros

This construction was elected in the 10 century. The most amazing part of the building is that it has been a mosque at one time, a tomb and then a church. Originally, it was a tomb and today, the church has undergone several repairs to remain erect.

Paphos castle

After the earthquake which destroyed Saranda Kolones in the thirteenth century, the Paphos castle was built. However, it was later destroyed in 1570 despite being well taken care of by the Venetians. The Turkish felt the need to rebuild what is still Paphos castle today.


Its creation as an agricultural settlement dates back to 700 BC. According to history in this country, it this is the proof of the beginning of the occupation in Cyprus. Today, it is a UNESCO (United Nations Education, Scientific Cultural Organization) center and people can access it for education purposes.

Nea Pafos

Dating back to fourth BC, Nea Pafos is a known archeological site. It literally means a site near Paphos harbor. The history shows that this site was the home of Romans who lived in ancient villas and mythical houses, a public square, and a theatre.

Kalavasos –Tenta

Also referred to as Tenta the settlement shows how the Neolithic settlement was. However, it is a great site of interest for people for archaeologists and other people. If you are the explorative type, you will enjoy going round the ruins of these round huts.


This archeological site contains the remains of a settlement believed to be the most ancient in the area. Historians claim that Amathus dates back to 1050 BC. As much as it is believed to be the home for Greek, Persians, and Romans, the original settlers were the Eteocypriots.

Kolossi Castle

It was built in 1210 by the Knights Hospitallers. Later the Frankish Louise de Magnac rebuilt the castle to what still remains today. His coat of arms is still seen on the walls of the castle even to date.

Tomb of the kings

They are located in Paphos under the UNESCO heritage site and has eight tombs which are all well maintained.They were constructed in the third century only for top officials and loyal family for the Romans.


Being the home of the ancient goddess Aphrodite by Mycenaeans. They treated the region as the center of worship and sanctuary. People can also see the Panagia Katholiki remains.