4 Tools That Will Elevate Your Company’s Customer Service

Customer service is a branch of your business you absolutely do not want to falter in. It is arguably the most important aspect of your business, showing how you treat customers and the reliability of your services and products.

There are tools out there for increasing the quality of your customer service, creating returning customers and new leads. Here are four tools that will help you elevate your company’s customer service.

Call Centers and Screen Sharing

Having a dedicated staff and call lines for customer questions and complaints is an essential part of a business, especially if you’re selling a working product and not just offering a service.

If you’re selling tech, a customer support center is arguably a necessity. But what makes a customer support system a great one? The tools you use, the training you provide for your employees, and the atmosphere of the call itself.

When a customer calls with a question or a complaint, it’s important that your staff is trained not to take customer emotions personally. It’s easy to fall into the anger trap when you’ve got an irritated customer on the other line.

Speaking with someone with heightened emotions is never easy, but with proper training and disconnection from the personal aspect of the customer’s anger, your employees can better navigate the experience and guide your unsatisfied customer to a resolution.

The tools you use can also determine the effectiveness of a customer support call. If you have phone lines that constantly disconnect, internet that’s spotty or unreliable, or faulty screen sharing software, a customer support call can quickly become a nightmare.

Make sure you have a good phone plan, hard phone lines, and a dedicated internet service for your support lines. Screen share software can add a new dimension to customer support, by showing the customer exactly what to do on their device, but make sure you use a reliable software service like conferencecalling.com for your screen share needs.

Mobile App Support

Our world has become mobile thanks to technology such as cell phones and the internet. Everywhere we go, our phones, and the internet, goes with us. This gives customers unlimited access to prices, services, reviews, and more.

When people have a problem, they tend to grab their phones and search the internet for the solution. If the problem is with your product or business, providing mobile support can bridge the gap between the customer and the solution. Instead of scrolling through search engines for a solution to their problem, they can consult an expert.

Your mobile app can contain helpful pages and links with frequently asked questions, tech support, and emails or phone numbers customers can use for specific inquiries. Not only does this provide the potential to save you money, eliminating or reducing the need for a call center and direct customer support, it’s also a lightweight and free way for the customer to interact with you and your brand.

Providing this type of support helps create loyalty in your customers. They know that when there’s an issue with your product or service, they can consult you directly and get a solution.

Social Media Support

Offering a dedicated support page on Facebook or another social media site can give your customers a central hub apart from your website to go to for customer service. This allows them to contact you on a familiar platform that they’re likely browsing anyways.

If you have a Facebook group or page, questions can be posted directly to the group or page, and often can be answered by other customers, effectively limiting how many customer service specialists you need to have on the payroll, saving you time and money while maintaining a high standard of customer service.

In addition to a central hub of information, all of your reviews can be centralized to a Facebook page or group, making access to the company’s reputation easy and straightforward. Your reputation and the customer’s right to know of it are a huge part of customer service that companies often overlook.

Your customers want to know if you provide a good product or service, an effective support system, and a reputation for making things right when a product or service is faulty. Millions of people use social media every day, so having a customer service page can only benefit your company in the long run. The exposure itself should be incentive enough to create one.

Team Email Accounts and SMS Support

If you’re working with only a small team in your business, creating a “team email account” can be an effective way to elevate your customer service. This creates an email account for everyone involved with the project, combining the expertise of each person to create the maximum level of customer support you can offer.

Everyone knows about a problem when it arises, and can work together to solve it as quickly as possible. This cuts down on time, and on connecting a customer to various departments until they get to the right one for their issue.

In addition, you can offer SMS text support in lieu of an email address. You can create a group text message that will notify each member of the team when a customer service issue arises, and since the majority of people communicate by texting, a customer may actually be more comfortable speaking through this medium than on the phone.