6 Tips to create a perfect wedding website

We live in a digital era, naturally traditional methods of doing things have evolved into something more sophisticated and interactive. Making everything digital is much better than doing traditional brick and mortar activities.

You will have an overview of every detail on one place, possibly cloud or a website so nothing can slip through your fingers. It makes life much easier as you can, collect, plan and analyses data in one place. We should definitely thank the tech people for getting us this far, especially because nowadays we can plan and organize the most special day in our life, the wedding day, fast and easy.

There is no reason to give up on the idea of organizing your wedding on a cool website. It’s not a difficult process you don’t have to pay a skillful developer to create everything. Nowadays, all you need is a good website builder to create your own wedding website and you are good to go.

The tricky part is the user experience, you need to know the important elements and where to place them. Eventually, you also need a bit of creativity and graphic design skills to make everything look flawless and pretty!

We are here to help, we composed a list of important tricks you need to know to create your perfect wedding website.

1. Stick With Your Theme

If you are familiar with how your wedding will look like visually, then you should design your website following that look.  Use the same color palette, and same design elements, you can even add the pictures of the same flowers in certain areas.

For instance, if it’s a sophisticated, elegant black and white event, then you should do that with your website, too.

The guests will know what to expect and will prepare their most elegant clothes for the special day.

2. Use an Online RSVP Event but also Send Cards

In order to confirm the guest list, you can create an online RSVP event on your website and collect all of the guests there. Many people are skeptical about online invitations, and we do advice to go with the traditional route as well, but with the online event you can see the people that are attending, find long lost friends that are willing to come and invite them.  It’s a blessing in disguise.

3. Include Location

Location is the most important element of your wedding day website. You need to make sure all of the guests will have the exact address and will arrive safely and on time.

In order to do so, you can add a map and the exact location. Nowadays, everyone has Google Maps on their phone and will be able to find the location fast.

4. Write an introductory essay

Write an introductory essay explaining the wedding day and showing gratitude to everyone and to your partner. It will make the whole experience more personal and people will love it.

5. Suggest local activities

There will be guests that are traveling from a place that is far away from the wedding ceremony place. They will be staying near your place possibly two or three days. Make sure you suggest good hotels, places to visit, eat and activities that they can do after the wedding.

6. Design a beautiful gallery

Upload beautiful, professional photographs from you and your partner. Again, it’s all about that personal experience, people that will be at your weeding care about you and would definitely like to see your love story and get to know you both better. Remember to upload high-resolution photos taken with a professional camera so that everything will look perfect.