Things You Shouldn’t Do Before Your Check Up

 Having a scheduled check up with your doctor can sometimes be a stressful event. There are several reasons why we want an audience with our doctors. It could be just for a routine health checkup, a yearly company requirement at work, or to simply know what’s ailing us. Because we can’t always have a walk-in check up due to the doctor’s availability, we need to be scheduled on a different date. The check up schedule can be a day, a week or even a month later. Sometimes, due to the waiting and anxiety, there may be things we can do that are no advised by the doctor. In order to not have an undesirable check up findings or results, we need to avoid doing things outside of the doctor’s advice. 

Don’t drink coffee or energy drinks

If it’s a regular doctor’s visit that you are having, a blood pressure reading will usually be taken. Drinking coffee, energy drink or any beverage with caffeine content can distort your blood pressure reading, sometimes giving a higher reading than usual. The same effect can also be brought by tobacco products and over-the-counter decongestant medications. So best avoid taking these things before your doctor’s visit to avoid inaccurate findings.

Avoid high-fat meals

If your scheduled check up involves blood tests, avoid eating high fat meals so as not to give radical readings. Also, a heavy meal the night prior to blood tests can give fluctuating readings and affect the interpretation of your actual health status. Blood sugar and cholesterol readings can spike up, that is why it is advised to fast at least 8 hours before your scheduled blood extraction and examination.

Don’t take alcohol

Alcohol intake is also not advised prior to blood tests. Alcohol can alter your triglyceride levels and can even spike your readings. The MYVIVAA website (Vein, Vascular, Primary Care And Aesthetic Associates) has advised that alcohol is also not recommended prior to a cosmetic surgery as this can affect blood flow. If patients do feel the need to quench their thirst, only water is the allowed liquid intake.

Don’t use deodorants or powders before a mammogram

We know that deodorizing is a hygiene requirement whenever we go out, but in this case, doctors advise skipping this step for the moment if you are scheduled for a mammogram. Deodorants and powders contain aluminum which looks similar to calcifications in a mammography reading and could give a false positive reading.

Don’t cancel your gynecology checkup if you have a period

Women tend to cancel their appointment with the gyne because they feel grossed out or uncomfortable being examined while on their red days. Gynecologists assure that tests and readings can be read fine, even if women have their period. Even the liquid Pap smear tests can be done even if you’re menstruating, so you can have your tests done on schedule.

There are many things that we need to prepare before a check up and also things we need to avoid. Always heed the doctor’s advice or precaution as this is for your own good. If you want to avoid unnecessary worry and stress about the checkup or the results of the examinations, just follow the prescribed food and liquid intake and you should be A-OK.