4 Important Things You Should Discuss With Your Partner Before Your Wedding

There are so many things that happen during the run up to a wedding, there’s guest lists, menus, registries and family to think of, and it can all be so overwhelming. So many couples get so exhausted and stressed they’d want to just fast forward time to where they are finally newlyweds. You just want to be by the beach sipping on a cocktail, hand in hand with the love of your life.

Before all that can happen, there are some things that can’t be forgotten or neglected, because they will affect your future together. As much as you know a lot about each other, a lot of information and details that seemed to serious when you were dating become important when you become spouses. That’s why you have to be able to talk freely with your partner about specific subjects and matters so they are accounted for beforehand. It’s easy to get swept up in the romance, but you still need to be practical.

A lot of couples get premarital counseling, which helps them figure out things like finances, conflict resolution and how the marriage will work. It’s a smart way to get the input of an informed outsider to prepare the people for a life together. You can still have these conversations between the two of you, as you might be more open without a third party. Whatever route you take, make sure you discuss the following issues.

Legal Matters

Legal-talk is hardly sexy or romantic when you’re planning your “I Dos” but it is necessary. There are many things you need to be covered for and protected from as a couple. You’ll have to have conversations about wills, and what happens in worst-case scenarios. It’s at this stage that you might consider sitting down with different kinds of attorneys to be sure you’ve covered all of your basis.

One of the things you need to be sure of is what would happen if one of you get into an accident and it isn’t your fault. You’d need to know what the claim will be like, what kind of insurance you get and how your family might be affected by a temporary loss of income. What are your options, and what steps do you take to be prepared for such an event?

If want to talk to a lawyer about what would happen in this event, many firms provide the expertise you need. You will have so much peace of mind knowing that firms like Schwartzapfel Lawyers will work hard to protect your rights. The firm says, “personal injury laws are complicated and often confusing, but they also provide tremendous protection for innocent and hardworking people. Our goal is to leverage our command of those laws for the purpose of maximizing our clients’ financial recoveries.”

Financial Matters 

Money has long been high up on the list of causes of conflicts in relationships, and a lot of these conflicts are avoidable by discussing them up front. One such issue is debt. A lot of couples go into marriage without knowing how much the other owes, so this is a crucial conversation that needs to be had. Apart from something as serious as debt, it’s important to know how money will be spent, who handles the responsibilities like paying bills and savings accounts.  Then there’s stuff like prenups or even what happens when one partner gets an inheritance. These are all issues that might require a sit down with a financial advisor and even a lawyer.

Family Matters 

When you marry someone, you’re also marrying their family and this can create conflict if it isn’t dealt with beforehand. It’s important that partners discuss boundaries and how family will fit into their lives. Will the couple be spending a lot of time with family, and how will holidays be dealt with, and how will inevitable family misunderstandings get handled? All this makes for a happier couple and a happier extended family if it is settled calmly.


One thing engaged couples have to be clear on before they exchange vows is expectations. It’s hard for a spouse to guess what they’re partner’s needs are, and that’s why open and honest conversations need to be had. Couples need to talk about how each feels valued and what household roles they can expect to have within the marriage and how they approach conflict.


It’s important for couples to communicate, and this is especially true for couples preparing to spend their lives together. The smart couples that will stand the test of time and challenges are the ones who prepare themselves for some of the obstacles. This makes them stronger as a couple and more likely to face those moments as a team.