Thesis Writing Tips – Choosing and Working with a Research Supervisor

A number of degree programs require undergraduate and graduate students to work on a specific thesis as the final requirement for completing the graduation. Working on a thesis can be a frustrating, but exciting experience. Though most of the students opt for cheap thesis writing services, there are few who proceed with thesis by their own. Here is the post that can help you to make your thesis writing experience really pleasant one. You can choose your thesis mentor which is also the most important aspect of this process.

Thesis Writing

Understanding your Own Research Interests

Even before choosing your thesis supervisor, it is important to spend some time in understanding your own research and narrow it out into two to three interrelated topics just like the prospective thesis. Though the students will only work on a single topic as proposed to the department, being ready with 2-3 topics leaves them with more options to work on.

The thesis writing usually begins in the third year of any undergraduate program and it is to help the students in formalizing and defining their research interests by that period of time. Otherwise, some of the students start writing the thesis in an unprepared state of mind and after working on half of it, they realize that the topic chosen by them is not of their interest. This is very common scenarios among the students. This waste a lot of time and must be avoided. It is recommended to the students to narrow down their research interests before enrolling with the cheap thesis writing service.

If the students are aware about the thesis writing then they can start exploring the topics that might had interest them in early semesters of their degree program. The different subjects the students have taken in the first year of the course and onwards, help them to look out for different topic suggestions for thesis writing. The students must be able to formalize 2-3 topics before enrolling themselves sin thesis writing.

Finding the Research Supervisor

When the students are very clear about the topic they have to pursue, the very next step is to find the thesis mentor and supervisor. There are many important considerations that must not be overlooked. The research supervisor you choose should have adequate knowledge about the topic you have chosen. He/she will help the student a lot in giving proper guidance and solicit advice. Make sure that the topics you have chosen are consulted with your research supervisor. You can even ask your faculty members about the suggestions while looking for the prospective mentor.

The choice of mentor will totally depend on the student. Once a student has found his/her mentor, it is the time to discuss the things with him. Make sure that the supervision style and work style of the mentor is similar to your own habits. Otherwise, you might not be able to cop up with your supervisor. This can lead to frustration and you might end up with a conflict with your supervisor which can even cause further delays. You should not forget that thesis writing a daunting task and running into a conflict with the mentor can complicate the process.

Expectation Setting and Goal Sharing

It is very important to discuss the expectations and goals in the first meeting after the research supervisor and student have developed the understanding to work on the thesis. The students must take the passive role obeying the mentor blindly. Whatever the mentor say should be followed by the student. Thesis writing teaches the student to be an active collaborator. It is the student who will do a lot of research work. The mentor will only guide the students through the path of right or wrong. Though thesis writing is a collaborative job, but the major effort should come from the student only.

The students should also be aware of the mentor’s expectations and goals and vice versa. It will help both of them to understand each other in a better way and develop a healthy working environment and relationship. A good working relationship is only established when the student and supervisor think that their needs are totally met and their voice is heard while working on the project.

Setting up the Appointment Schedule

The workable appointment schedule will depend upon the working style of the supervisor and the student. There is hardly any need to meet on a weekly basis unless the supervisor wants it. You might get struck up between the thesis and your coursework if you plan the weekly meetings as you have to deliver the said work to the supervisor. The student should consider workload on the shoulders of the supervisor. So, it is advisable to set up an appointment only if it is quintessential for you.

Rest, you can contact via emails and phone calls as well. Meeting is not really necessary unless you are on the verge of starting or ending your thesis. Yes, meeting in between after every portion of your thesis is completed is important. So, plan the appointments accordingly. At the end, the supervisor and the student should be happy with the decision without regretting it later on. Meeting once or twice a month is just perfect. This won’t add up any extra workload on your shoulders as well as your supervisor will be happy too.

The Last Words

A student often thinks that writing a thesis is the most difficult task, but it’s not like that. Choosing the right supervisor and making the right efforts on the topic that interests you can make thesis writing a wonderful experience. You should make sure that the research supervisor you have chosen is a knowledgeable person who has adequate knowledge about the topic chosen by you.