The Perfect Guide to a Beach Worthy Body

Beach season is almost here. In fact it is literally at our doors but our bodies are definitely not at par with our plans. That shouldn’t be a bother because we have the tips and inspiration to get you ready to look your best.

1.Try liposuction

Liposuction is a procedure that slims and reshaped specific areas of the body by removing excess fat to improve body contours and proportion. According to Dr. Mitchell Kim, liposuction has helped improve self confidence among his patients and is good in tackling that fat that just won’t go away as he explains in this liposuction article.

2.Cut back on the liquor

Once you take alcohol, your body’ s normal digestion process and breakdown of fat is halted until all the alcohol has been oxidized. So say you had a turkey burger and regular fries that evening before you downed a bottle, all this fat is stored and this is where the extra weight comes from.

3.Get used to doing HIIT training

High intensity interval training is a form of training that involves high impact exercise for about 40 seconds followed by a short period of rest in between different circuits. This short burst of exercise has proven to be effective compared to other regimens because, the heart rate is maintained at a high therefore glucose metabolism is continuous throughout. It is important to know the guidelines before beginning HIIT which is well explained by Victoria’s secret trainer based in New York, Justin Gelband in this article.

4.Have a constant calorie deficit

Ideally if you are looking to lose weight, the number of calories you are using up should be more than the number you are taking in. This is called a calorie deficit which is achieved by either exercise or dieting or both. If you want to lose one pound of fat, it is recommended that you a calorie deficit of 3500 calories in one week. At least 30% of your calorie intake should also be from proteins such as eggs and lean meat.

5.Try taking part in fitness challenges

Whether it is a challenge that lasts 10 days or 30 days, picking a fitness challenge that motivates you will take you a long way. They motivate you to be consistent and it isn’t such a daunting task after all when you remember that, there is a whole community out there going through the same thing. Some challenges such as this one by Keaira LaShae are fun and not so bad.

6.Keep yourself hydrated

Water is literally 100% calorie free and is known to even suppress appetite when it is taken before having meals. It has also been proven in recent research that water increases the number of calories you burn by up to 20% which is not a small percentage when combined with dieting and exercise.

7.Embrace your body size

Society has made it look like only men with perfect six packs and women with a thin waist and big behind have the right to say, that they have a perfect body. Even if you don’t get the body you want to flaunt at the beach, realize that everyone can sexy with or without the qualities that society pressures us to have. If you pay too much attention on the fact that you don’t have a great body, you will end up missing on the fun and if you really look around, nobody really cares.As long as you are healthy, the beach is yours for the taking.