7 Sites like Doublelist & Better Alternatives

Are you looking for Doublelist alternatives 2021? If yes, then you have landed on the right page because here I am going to share a list of websites that shares similar functionality and services like Doublelist.

When in 2017, the US Senate passed FOSTA, Craigslist had to shut down its services because of their Personals section. At that time, they had over 2 billion active users, and they hold the 11th rank globally, according to Alexa. Doublelist came into the industry as an alternate option of Craigslist Personals and received a good amount of popularity.

Initially, I used to love their services, but now I started seeing a lot of drawbacks of their services that completely changed my mind. The worst issue I faced was that their administration team could block both your posts and account anytime—even that without giving any proper reason. On top of that, their customer support is just non-existent. Although they are there, they will never reply to your complaints, and even if they do, that will take ages.

So, after researching and testing various sites, I end up with these seven. So, without any further ado, let’s kick off the list of 7 best sites like Doublelist-

7 Best Sites like Doublelist in 2021

1. Ashley Madison

Website: https://www.ashleymadison.com/

Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison is the gem when it comes to online dating and hookup services. The site is very popular because of its unusual tagline, “Life is short. Have an affair,” and a considerable amount of user base. Basically, Ashley Madison is mainly targeting people who are already committed and looking for extramarital affairs.

Nevertheless, singles can also use it without any issues as there is nothing for them to worry about. Even singles can enjoy the platform much better because they can get people who are mainly looking for hookups.

The signup process on the platform is very easy. You have to fill the necessary details, and then you are ready to explore members nearby. Ashley Madison does not ask you to enter any personal information such as photos or mobile number. You just have to enter your email address and answer a few questions, and that will be pretty much sufficient.

The only downside I feel about their platform is that their services are freely available for women and girls. While if you are a man, then you must have to opt for their paid plan, which is not fair. But it is their business, so I cannot entirely blame them for this.

The user interface of their website is very eye catchy and attractive. Also, because of their unique idea, they have gained a vast number of users worldwide. You don’t have to worry about your privacy as they don’t ask for your personal information. So, overall, if you are the kind of person who is looking for some adventure in your private life, then Ashley Madison can be a good option for you.

2. Adult Friend Finder

Website: https://adultfriendfinder.com/

Adult Friend Finder is one of the biggest online communities when it comes to no string relationships, sexual encounters, and casual hookups. This site is the right place for people who are interested in any sexual activities. Here, you can find almost everything related to sex or adult services.

According to sources, the website attracts an average of 40 million monthly visits, which is insane. The majority of the users on this platform are from the US and UK, followed by Canada and other countries. Even it ranked as one of the top 30 of all adult sites. Remember, that list contains porn sites as well.

The user interface of the website seems very attractive and eye-catchy, but a bit porny and contains a lot of jumble of explicit images and demographic offering sex-related services. Even on the homepage, you will find a video of a girl talking about hookups. It can make things complicated, so I recommend you to wear headphones before visiting their website.

Although the website is labeled as a dating website, it is now mainly dedicated to hookups and adult stuff. If you are someone looking for a good time and temporary stuff, then it can be heaven for you. But for people who are looking for platonic friends, or committed relationships, then it could be hell for them.

The account creation hardly takes 30 seconds, and you have to enter your email, username, and a short bio. The rest of things such as pictures or other personal stuff are not mandatory, but adding them can level up your chances of getting what you wanted.

3. Craigslist Activities

Website: https://craigslist.org/


When the US Senate shut down Craigslist Personals, their users started posting such casual encounters and hook up ads in Craigslist’s Activities section. Although this section features a lot of restrictions, it is still one of the biggest communities on the internet, and that’s why you should consider them.

This section was meant to be for the people who are looking for usual activity partners like hiking, bike riding, band members, and others. Because of that, you cannot post pictures and use raunchy titles, which I think is the biggest downside of this platform. But I don’t think it is going to make much of a difference as you can ask for pictures in messages and quickly get someone to hook up with.

This section is now entirely dominated by adult advertisements only. Almost nine out of ten posts in the Activities section are now about sex or adult services.

The user interface of the website is very simple and elegant. You don’t face issues while going through the website. It also automatically detects your locations to help you find out ads nearby. To browse ad postings, you don’t require to log in, but if you want to communicate with others on the platform, then you must have to create an account. Don’t worry, it is a free service, and you don’t have to pay a single penny.

Overall, Craigslist Activities is a good option for people living in the USA because the majority of users on the platform are US citizens. But if you are not from the US and your city does not have rife postings in the Activities section, then you can hit any other website from this list.

4. FetLife

Website: https://fetlife.com/

FetLife is a top-rated social media platform for fetish and the kinkier crowd. It functions very similarly to other social media platforms where you can create profiles, make new friends, publish posts, and other stuff. But it is dedicated to people who are into adult stuff and have weird sex fetishes. The community has almost 9 million members.

Along with the social media platform, it also features a classified section. Here you can find listings featuring images of whips, leather belts, chains. You can see titles like “Slaves seeking masters,” “Hunters seeking prey,” and similar. If you want to try such fetishes, then FetLife could be a DoubleList replacement worth trying.

However, to see listings, you must require a verified account. The signup process is pretty straightforward. You have to enter some necessary details like email address, mobile number, and your name. After that, you will receive a confirmation email, and you have to verify your account, and that’s it. Once done, you can start browsing the platform and see listings.

The user interface of the website is very eye catchy and well-curated. It is very similar to other social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. It also features a forum section where you can share your fetish desires and wait for people with the same interests to interact with your post.

Although most of the content available on the platform is free, you must have to pay for the membership for selective stuff. With a free account, you can join groups, interact with people by commenting or messaging, and view photos. But if you wish to watch videos, then you must have to opt for their paid membership. Overall, it is definitely a good platform but not made for everyone.

5. KinkyAds

Website: https://kinkyads.org/

KinkyAds is yet another platform that looks more like a social media platform than any anonymous adult ads site. It is entirely based on a combination of a regular dating website and an adult listing site. So, it fulfills the need for both kinds of audiences.

It lets you know more about the person, which is something I like pretty much. You can visit their profile and see about their liking, their way of thinking, and much other stuff. You can also see their published posts and statuses.

Their team focuses a lot to maintain and reduce fake profiles and trolls. If they find something malicious or inappropriate, then they take down your post right away, and in some cases, they can even block your account.

The user interface of the website is exquisite, and the black theme looks very attractive. However, the platform is a bit porny, and you can see a lot of nude images and videos. Hence, try visiting their website when you are in a comfortable place.

Overall, KinkyAds is an excellent platform for people looking for casual encounters but does not want that blind date kind of experience. Here you can get enough information upfront, and then you will have the choice if you wish to meet them or not.

6. Locanto

Website: https://www.locanto.com/

Locanto is one of the oldest and well-reputed services available in the market. It is a normal classified ad posting site that features a Personals section. Here you can find a wide variety of listings ranging from real estate services to escort services.

The website has one of the biggest user bases and offers services all across the globe. It doesn’t matter in which region you live; I am pretty sure that you will find some listings nearby. Also, it is a free platform that means you just have to create a free account to use their service.

To find casual encounter listings, you have to choose your location and then visit their Personals section. Here you can find tons of different categories such as women looking for men, men looking for women, men looking for men, fetish, trans, lesbians, and bunch of others. Choose the one according to your preference, and you are all set.

The user interface of the website is pretty simple and easy to use. Just within a few clicks, you can land on your desired page.

Overall, Locanto can definitely be an excellent alternative to DoubleList. They have a considerable user base and a wide range of listings. But a few ads in the Personals section look a bit fishy. Therefore, I suggest you verify the profile before closing a deal.

7. Bedpage

Website: https://www.bedpage.com/

Bedpage is one of the top-rated ad listing sites available on the internet. They came into limelight as an alternative of Backpage, which was forcefully shut down by the US senate. Since then, they have received an extensive amount of popularity and user base.

The user inteface of the website is immaculate and looks identical to Backpage. Navigating throughout the site is also very easy. On the homepage, you just have to choose your location, and after that, you can navigate to any category to find relevant listings.

Bedpage features almost all types of ad listings, ranging from regular classified ads to adult escort service. However, there are a bunch of fake profiles, so before making a deal, verify that you are talking with a genuine seller.

Although they have a humongous user base, more than 60 percent of users are from the US, UK, Canada, or Australia. So, if you are not from these regions, then you might face issues with finding ads nearby.

Overall, Bedpage can be a good option if you are looking for sites like Doublelist for casual hookups. It maintains the right balance between regular classified listings and adult escort services.

Here is a list of 9 sites like BedPage.

Closing Comments

There you have it – seven best sites like Doublelist.

Doublelist is primarily famous because of its adult services. Hence, I tried to find out some of the best websites that are offering similar services. All the sites I mentioned in the list have a considerable user base and hold overall good customer ratings. Therefore, you can use them as an alternative to Doublelist without an issue.

With that said, here I am going to wrap up this article. I hope it helped you to find sites like Doublelist. If you have questions regarding any of the sites mentioned in the list, feel free to share them with us in the comment section below. Our team will try to answer your queries ASAP.