Road Safety Rules Often Forgotten By Driver

It is okay to be nervous once you get the driving license. Being on the road for the first time makes you very cautious and uncomfortable too. As a new driver, all the safety rules will be fresh in your mind. While in this state, you will easily notice mistakes made by other drivers. As time passes by, you will gain experience in driving and get comfortable using any road. Gaining experience leads to forgotten road safety rules.

Road safety rules to keep you and other road users safe. Forgetting or ignoring even the simplest rules endangers your life, the lives of your passengers and other road users. This article will highlight the road safety rules that are often forgotten by drivers. This applies to both newbies as well as experienced drivers.

Using your phone while driving

Texting or calling while you drive is unsafe. This is due to the fact that your phone divides your attention from the road. Safe driving requires all your attention to be on the road. Being alert and cautious is therefore mandatory. Using a handheld mobile phone is illegal. Breaking this rule will result in a hefty ticket. As this is one of the most forgotten road rules, it is vital to ensure that your phone is hands-free. This will minimize distractions while on the road.

Driving on the shoulder

A road shoulder is reserved for an emergency stoppage. In case of an accident, a tire puncture or engine failure, a driver will pull to the shoulder to seek help. Emergency vehicles also use the road shoulders to avoid traffic. Many drivers find themselves in trouble by forgetting this rule. It is therefore easy to find even experienced drivers using the shoulder. If you’ve probably forgotten this rule, it’s time for a refresher course. This will ensure that you don’t get caught committing this traffic offense.

Failing to use your turn signals.

Many drivers forget to use their blinkers when turning. Failing to use indicators has time and again caused fatal accidents. Indicators caution other road users on the turn you’re about to make. This greatly reduces confusion on the road and improves your safety. Driving lessons Manchester highlights that overtaking on multiple lane highways is one of the situations where this rule is forgotten. Many drivers will pull into the next lane without a warning. Excessive use of blinkers is also unsafe. Failing to cancel your signal after turning will definitely cause confusion on the road.

Crossing the double white lines.

It is always frustrating to drive behind slow moving vehicles. This could be a truck or an inexperienced driver who prefers not to speed up. In such a scenario, drivers may be tempted to overtake dangerously or even in prohibited areas. Crossing a double line is forbidden by the law. Still, some drivers will ignore it and pull into the oncoming lane in the name of overtaking. This could cause a fatal crash, especially in areas with reduced visibility.

Driving while drunk or on drugs.

Drunk driving accounts to nearly half of all road fatalities. Nevertheless, a driver will hit the bottle and sit behind the wheel. This is especially associated with young drivers. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is dangerous for road users. As the warning goes, don’t drink and drive. It will save your health and keep you on the road.

The rules highlighted above are easily forgotten by drivers. Ignoring them could not only lead to hefty fines, but could also result in serious injuries. It is therefore important to observe and obey all road safety rules. This should be adopted regardless of your age or experience on the road.