4 Awkward Relationship Problems That No One Wants To Talk About (And How To)

Every relationship has its problems. There isn’t a couple in the world who enjoys a problem-free relationship. But discussing these issues is often easier said than done.

Here we look at four awkward relationship problems that no one wants to talk about, as well as some useful tips for discussing them healthily with your partner.

Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction affects lots of men, but it’s rarely talked about. A man’s ability to achieve an erection is often linked to masculinity and male identity. Consequently, it’s difficult for even the closest of partners to discuss it.

But when ED is so common, it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. When it impacts your relationship, erectile dysfunction is something worth discussing.

First ensure that the issue is treated with care and tact — no teasing or joking, even in good spirit. You should then identify the cause of the issue. There are lots of factors that can cause erectile dysfunction, from alcohol and smoking to stress and heart disease.

While many of these can be resolved with lifestyle changes, there are some that cannot be fixed so easily.

In these cases, it’s worth looking at ED treatments such as Viagra. This is now available over-the-counter at your local drugstore, with no need for a doctor’s prescription.

These Viagra reviews indicate there are lots of satisfied users that enjoy a healthy, active sex life with their partner after taking ED treatment. It’s a simple and affordable tablet that dramatically improves your sex life, so it’s well worth considering.

Money management

The M-word is something all couples fight about, whether explicitly or not. Life is hard enough when you’re struggling to make ends meet. But when there are two of you, it becomes harder.

Like so many relationship problems, talking about money often becomes a conversation about power and status. If you’re on a lower salary, it can feel like a comment about you’re own ability as a worker.

This is especially true if there is a significant gap between your salaries.

If one partner earns more than the other, they might feel as though they are paying more than their fair share. On the other end of the scale, someone who earns less might feel embarrassed at having their partner pay for them.

But it is possible to have a healthy discussion about money. In general, there are two options: you either pay the same equally, regardless of salary, or you pay proportionate to what you earn.

There are pros and cons to each of these methods, with each couple having different views on the matter, so you should find what works for you.

Apps like Acasa are great for helping couples manage money. This gives you both total control over who pays what, so you can accurately gauge how much you have to spend, both for yourself and each other.

Different views on the world

Variety is the spice of life. If we all agreed with each other, life would be quite boring. But in relationships, conflicting views often lead to arguments.

It could be about something as broad as politics, whether or not you vote Democrat or Republican. Or it could be something as petty as TV — maybe you like reality shows, while they like arts programs.

The thing is, there is no reconciling conflicting views like these. Each partner believes their view is the ‘right’ one, so arguing about it is pointless.

The thing to remember here is respect. While you might disagree vehemently with each other, try to remember that each partner’s view is perfectly valid because it matters to them. There is no right or wrong view, even when discussing politics.

Not finding time for each other

The rat race is a hectic thing. Between the 9-5, childcare issues, extracurricular activities, and other commitments, it can be easy to forget to find time for yourself and your partner.

This is a natural part of life. But it can lead to a feeling of distance in your relationship. One partner might feel as though the other is pushing them away, when in fact it’s just because they’re too busy.

If you feel distant from your partner, let them know. They might not even be aware that this is the case — life just flew by too fast and they didn’t notice.

Reassure each other that this distance isn’t because you no longer love each other — it’s just because of extraneous factors. Agree to set aside some time for each other. Even if it’s only an hour a week, it goes a long way towards reducing that invisible distance between you.

The examples above are just a few examples of awkward relationship problems that are hard to discuss. But no matter what the problem is, remember that respect is key. Take the time to listen to and acknowledge your partner’s views and work together to find a solution that works for each of you.