Real Life Solutions to Balancing Work and Family

The balance between a busy career and caring for a family is no walk in the park. Eventually one obligation outdoes the other and often times it is the family that suffers the most. But you are not going to be one of those broken homes because there is something you can do about it.

Forget about the many ‘Stay at Home Mum’ blog that keeps showing up on Google. What you need are real life tips that are all inclusive and have actually worked in the past. If you are this person, then you have come to the right place as you are about to discover some simple life hacks for balancing work and family.

Let Go

Multitasking is not really everyone’s cup of tea and the sooner you realise you are struggling, it’s time to let go. Never give up your job completely, but perhaps tone down on the workload you are supposed to handle. If those extra shifts are really robbing you of your kid’s play time, sticking to your 8 to 5 hours is in many cases the wisest solution.

On the other hand, if your job constantly keeps you on flights and away from family, maybe it’s time to call it quits. Really, it’s never that serious, no amount of money is enough to replace those treasured moments like your daughter making her first baby steps. A change of careers is the best decision to make, and probably find a job that is closer to home and puts more free time on your hands.

Start an Online Business

Honestly, with today’s technological advancement, you don’t need that much capital to start a business. In fact, in some cases, like binary options, you can generate an impressive stock market portfolio from as little as £20. Opening a trading account is absolutely free and online stock companies like CMC markets will even give a free demo account to practice on.

Alternatively, you can put your creative side to good use and start selling homemade products. Anything is saleable these days, from handmade furniture to kitchen-prepared peanut butter. You just need to put in the work on your branding and advertising and your venture takes off. Do you have to pay for advertising? Absolutely not; social media does it for you without charging a penny.

Invest in Tech

Stock prices may go down, companies may lay people off, but one thing we all know is that technology will continue evolving and being relevant. The Silicon Valley has grown immensely amassing a net worth, in stocks, that ultimately dwarfed both finance and industrial sectors.

As humanity is constantly compelled by the need to adapt, there will always be plenty of new tech start-ups to invest in. And here is another good thing about new technology advancement, once it breaks ground it picks up fast. Thus in many cases, your investment will break even faster than you expected. Just imagine how much in cash the private Angel investors for Pokémon Go received once the reality gaming app went viral.

Find a workable schedule

The truth is, we never have time for anything, we create it. If you are finding yourself spending more hours away from home, you need to reset your timetable and life goals. Your family will always come first whether you are the president of a country or just a local vendor at an alley store. So re-work your daily schedule and make sure you prioritise family time.

You can make it your thing to always have lunch with your spouse or kids before dashing to your next meeting. Or you could pick them up from school and have dinner together every evening before heading home and calling it a day. The bottom line is, there is always a solution for every problem, including how you allocate time for work and your family.

The answer to finding the balance between family and work largely depends on what’s more important to you. If family is a number one priority, then you will seek ways to free up time so you can spend with your kids and spouse. The highlighted are some workable solution for you, invest your money to make more, and become financially free, and cut on those many daily tasks or change your career altogether.