Pro Guide To Writing Essays When You’re Short on Time

We are all familiar with the ever so lovely tight schedules around university/school time, and it’s only natural that you are bound to be short on time and feel a little stressed with all the writing that you have to get done. Since you are short on time but you don’t want to be short on grades, here are a few tips that will help you write your essay in no time.

Plan It Out

This might sound like the classic repetitive sentence that your teacher used to say in the past, and of course, it never gets too old. You might think it’s just a saying, but it’s not, especially when you’re short on time. Planning out your essay, and having a proper detailed plan of what you’re going to write about is so important if you want to finish your essay quickly. You won’t need to stop in the middle of your body paragraph to think about your next point, you won’t need to think of a really good example, or a strong quote because you already have it all planned out.

You also need to plan out your time, so take 10 minutes for an outline, 15 minutes for the essay, and finally 5 minutes for revision. Do that and you’ll be done in 30 minutes!

Break It Down

Read the essay question carefully and quickly come up with an answer, or an argument that is reasonable and has a bunch of evidence to back it up. If you’re missing a quote or a piece of evidence that you think will get you a decent grade on your essay, then look it up quickly; do your research in a decent amount of time. Make sure to write everything from thesis statement, evidence, transitioning sentences, quotes, etc in your outline. This strategy is going to be very effective in the writing process.

Review Your Outline

You’ve laid down your strong points, along with your thesis statement. Good job! Take a look at your introduction; make sure it’s not missing an interesting hook or a relevant quote. Also, you might want to revise the last sentence in your introduction; is it a smooth transition to the next body paragraph? Pay attention to the conclusion as well; re-summarize your thesis statement along with the previous evidence you’ve mentioned before.

The Writing Part

Now that you’re done with the outline, all that’s left is for you to just write it down. Since you don’t have a lot of time on your hands, go ahead and type away, as fast as you can. But, make sure that if you’re going to speed write your essay, it’s vital to revise your work after you’re done. Then again, if you’re still short on time, don’t completely ignore the thought that runs through all our heads: maybe I should pay someone to do my essay. you can always pay someone to do your essay.

You Made It! Congratulations

Great job with finishing your essay on time, but before you recklessly just hand the paper in, make sure to revise and look at your work closely. You might want to edit a sentence or change something you wrote that doesn’t make any sense. Remember, the next time you need to write a quick essay just focus on your outline, and you’re good to go.