Five Modern Office Design Trends for 2022 and Beyond

Today’s office spaces have moved away from the old style of private rooms with dark woods and heavy furniture. Part of the shift has been in response to the need for more efficient and versatile space. There is also a trend toward providing employees with office designs that are pleasant and more conducive to creativity. The trends that are surging as we move into 2022 include some exciting changes in everything from floor plans to décor options.

1. Versatile Office Spaces

Traditional office spaces, with lots of small rooms or a maze of cubicles, have largely fallen away in popularity. Today’s businesses and their employees are turning to more functional, open-concept floor plans to create areas that feel spacious and provide ways to rearrange furnishings as needs change. Moveable walls and conversation areas are a part of this contemporary approach. Open office areas encourage collaboration.

2. Sustainability

Businesses around the globe realize that the way they create office space today has an impact on everyone’s future. Leading design firms are focusing on eco-friendly designs incorporating sustainable materials like cork, bamboo, and stone. More efficient lighting, minimalist furnishings, and creative designs that take advantage of the natural surroundings are also part of this trend.

3. Colorful Interiors

Sterile cubicles and aggressively neutral office spaces are seen as old-fashioned and boring. While walls may be soft neutrals like cocoa and gray, furnishings and décor are being done in bold, bright colors that keep things lively. You can achieve the look with bright, contemporary works of art, colorful upholstery, and accent walls painted in colors like kiwi or royal blue. These bright touches create movement and a youthful, energetic environment.

4. Flexibility

There are a few trends that focus on flexibility in modern office design. One is workspace flexibility, including the trend toward modular units that can be easily moved around to recreate space as a business evolves. What might be three individual workstations can be reconfigured into a large worktop that a team can gather around for collaborative projects.

Furniture designs are also increasingly flexible for modern offices. Instead of a traditional desk that keeps employees locked into one position for hours at a time, businesses are opting for sit-and-stand desks that allow employees to move from sitting to standing throughout the day, increasing productivity and minimizing back pain.

5. Coziness

After months of working from home, where employees could take a break to lounge on the sofa or take a coffee break surrounded by plants and cushions, many people returning to work longed for comfortable places to destress and regroup. Businesses are answering by offering cozy conversation areas, better break rooms, and more casual décor that encourages a bit of unwinding when needed.

Keep these trends in mind when you redesign your office to create a work environment that’s inviting and desirable for new employees. Your current employees will love you for it.