All you need to know about an Online Divorce Company

Getting a divorce over the internet is becoming more popular by the day. More and more couples are ending their marriages by settling for divorce over the internet without an attorney present. Before more couples started to use the services of online divorce companies to part ways, the concept of opting out of marriage outside a court of law was novel and not widely practiced.

The purpose of this article is to throw more light on the activities and benefits of using an online divorce procedure to end a marriage that no longer meets the expectations of the spouses.

What is an online divorce company, and can I file for divorce online?

An online divorce company is a company that specializes in settling uncontested divorce cases out of court. This type of establishment is a go-to professional outfit for couples who wish to end their marriages without either party contesting the decision. When a divorce is initiated by one party of a marriage, the other party has a right to contest the entire process including child custody arrangements and the sharing of assets.

For contested divorces, a competent court of legal jurisdiction or the services of an attorney is required, but in the case where both parties have decided to end the union amicably with no issues being contested, the services of an online divorce company can come in handy.

Can I end my marriage online without an attorney?

Yes, you can end your marriage online without an attorney in some states. In the US, there are states that allow online divorce as a way to reduce case congestion in the courthouse. These states have certain requirements that both parties must meet before their marriage can be dissolved. As society continues to evolve, it is expected that many more states will begin to allow e-filing for divorce.

The art of using divorce companies online to file an uncontested divorce

If your plan is to file divorce documents over the internet, third party online divorce company websites can be of help to you. But before you start the online divorce process, you and your spouse need to settle relevant issues regarding child custody privileges, child support, and the division of assets and debts, among other things.  With all grey areas fully settled, you can then contact an online company to prepare the divorce papers on your behalf. This is done at your behest and forwarded to you and your spouse for signing.

However, there are instances where you may still require the services of a divorce attorney, even if it is an uncontested divorce. An attorney is needed if your divorce case involves a lot of assets or assets that have a lot of value. In addition to this, in more complicated cases, some technical limitations may be involved, which will require the expertise of a divorce attorney to smoothen over.

How to get an online divorce?

If you are looking to get an online divorce, the following steps must taken:

Ensure that your divorce is uncontested

The first step towards getting an online divorce is to make sure that it is an uncontested divorce. Talk to your spouse and work together to ensure that no one walks away from the marriage worse than is necessary. With an agreement between the two of you on all contentious issues, the process can be completed quickly.

An online divorce company or the website of your state’s law court

The second thing you need to do is to decide whether to use an online company or your state’s court website. In states that allow online divorce, you can access divorce documents on their court’s website, but you will have to fill them on your own, make several copies of all the documents, and submit them on your own when you are done. If you are using an online divorce company, the entire process will be done for you.

Include all details and vital information

Make sure you provide all the important details about your divorce in the divorce documents. Details are very important and should not be disregarded, no matter how insignificant they may be at the time of the filing. Your personal information such as your name, home address, SSN Number, location of your marriage, and the date of the marriage should be included. Also of importance are the names of all the children produced by the union and their dates of birth. Finally, include the reasons for the divorce.

Benefits of using the services of an online divorce company

For couples who are seeking a quick and less turbulent way out of a failed marriage, using the services of an online divorce company has several benefits. The following are some of the reasons why more estranged couples are opting for divorce over the internet.

1. Online divorce reduces the stress and pain of traditional divorce

Ending a marriage is never an easy decision. The experience is emotionally and psychologically draining, so the sooner it is over, the better. Traditional divorce is known to be quite protracted in some cases, and there are instances where proceedings drag on for several months or years. The negative impact of the divorce is not only felt by the couples, but by the children as well. An online divorce company can hasten the entire process so that both parties can walk away more quickly to restart their lives.

2. An attorney is not required

Although many will find this incredulous, you do not need an attorney to file for divorce over the internet. Online divorce is inexpensive since you will not have to pay attorney fees to end the marriage. For many couples, traditional divorce leaves them financially drained, and starting their lives thereafter becomes more challenging with little or no money. By using the services of an online divorce company, you save quite a lot of money even though you’ve lost your marriage.

For instance, in an uncontested divorce, you and your spouse may choose to split all assets and liabilities down the middle, and if that is the case, there will be no need for an attorney. So online divorce services are not just faster than the traditional divorce, it is also more affordable.

3. Professional support

Today, very few divorce law firms offer professional support to divorcees after the dissolution of their marriages. Many online divorce companies, on the other hand, offer clients professional support such as counseling to help them repair their lives and get back to normal. Also, in situations where an ex has not been holding up to their end of the bargain, such as providing the child or spousal support, an online company can initiate contact on your behalf. There is a lot that an online company can do for you if you pick a reliable one.

Going through a divorce can be a harrowing experience, especially if it is something you never wanted. But you can mitigate the negative impact by settling for a divorce over the internet. Online divorce companies provide couples with an inexpensive and fast means of ending a marriage amicably and on positive terms. But before you file for an online divorce, make sure the decision is amicable and that a settlement agreement has been arranged with your spouse on all contentious issues.