Is Your Guy Getting Lazy in Your Relationship?

If you’re the type of sugar baby who wonders how relationships can start out so wonderfully but go off the rails so quickly, you’re not alone. When a connection is new, both people involved are on their absolute best behavior. But sooner or later, people’s true colors start to show.

Sometimes, that’s not such a bad thing – or at least it’s not when both people involved are emotionally mature individuals. A comfortable relationship allows that sort of person to really get to know their partner and vice versa. But emotional immaturity can stop that from happening; there are things your sugar daddy should absolutely be willing to do, and getting lazy in your relationship is not it. Here’s how to tell whether that’s what’s happening in your relationship.

He procrastinates a lot

Nobody’s perfect. Even the most proactive person can be prone to procrastination sometimes. But a person who’s emotionally immature and genuinely lazy procrastinates a lot more often than they don’t. How is your guy in this regard?

Does he occasionally procrastinate but eventually step up and get things done before it’s too late? Or is he the kind of person you can almost count on never to get it done at all? If it’s the latter, then you might have a lazy boyfriend on your hands.

He’s a complete couch potato

Every would-be sugar baby knows what it’s like to get her hopes up about a guy because he says all the right things and seems to be going places. Then the inevitable happens. Instead of making good on all those promises and walking the walk, he morphs into his true form instead – a complete couch potato.

A lazy guy doesn’t just choose the couch when it comes to his relationship, either. He can honestly be found sitting around playing video games or watching television pretty much all the time. A guy like that will never magically become the sugar daddy you deserve. He’s going nowhere fast and will take you with him if you’re not careful.

He’s a champion sleeper

As with playing video games or procrastinating, everyone has periods where they’re just dog-tired and sleeping a lot because of a slump they’re going through. But a lazy boyfriend can leave you worrying that this is more his actual personality than a slump that will eventually pass.

Someone who’s simply going through some things might try to fit the occasional afternoon nap or an extra hour of shut-eye into their schedule. But they balance that out with productivity in other areas and at other times. A lazy person will consistently choose sleep because it’s a lot more fun than work, and that’s something no aspiring sugar baby needs in her life.

He only does the bare minimum

Unfortunately, most proactive, emotionally mature women know what it’s like to feel stuck in a relationship with a man who consistently does as little as he can get away with. If you’re the same, then you know the drill. You’re stuck doing everything yourself most of the time. And when you can get your guy to pitch in, he does the absolute least you’ll let him get away with.

In some cases, an immature man might do this because he’s genuinely clueless or doesn’t see the importance of doing things proactively and properly. But weaponized incompetence is definitely a thing, so there’s also the chance he’s doing this purposefully in the hope that you’ll eventually stop asking him to pitch in at all.

He starts things but doesn’t finish them

Contrary to what some believe, not every lazy person has zero ambition to be anything better than they are. Some are actually great at dreaming big and even at starting potentially promising projects. But they’re lacking when it comes to follow-through.

Is your guy like this? Is he good at starting things – either when you ask him to or on his own – but never seems to see his way clear to finishing? Do you get the impression it doesn’t even bother him to be surrounded by half-finished projects? If he’s inherently lazy, it could be that it doesn’t bother him because he genuinely doesn’t care.

You deserve better than that

Although it’s great to be tolerant of people, especially when you care deeply about them, even the most patient would-be sugar baby needs to draw the line somewhere. You deserve so much better than a Peter Pan who thinks a girlfriend is basically just a second mom in disguise.

You need a man who’s going to give as good as he gets – a sugar daddy who can take care of you every bit as well as you take care of him – and you really shouldn’t settle for anything less. It’s not your job to help a lazy boyfriend grow up. It’s your job to do what you know is best for you, and that may mean trading your lazy guy in for a top-tier sugar daddy who deserves you.

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