How to Get Leads in Real Estate

You always wanted to sell real estate. So, you took the required classes, you studied hard and you passed your real estate licensing exam. Congratulations – you’re now a real estate agent! Of course, you may want to hold off on the celebration, at least for a little while – at least until you’ve made a few sales. And in order to make sales, you’re going to need leads. Leads are the lifeblood of a real estate agent,and they’re crucial if you want to be successful in your career.

Tactics for Getting Leads

The first question new real estate agents ask is, “how do I get leads?” Sure, they go through lists of family and friends, and send out announcements letting everyone know that they’re now a licensed real estate agent. Unfortunately, most new agents find out fairly quickly that family members and friends are generally not in the market for a new home at the moment. So you’ll need a bigger pool of people to draw from.

That’s where marketing tactics come into play. First up, get a website up and running. It’s critical to have one so that you can have people contact you easily, learn about you and check listings as you get them. You can also write blogs and post them on your site, providing useful information for people who are looking to buy or sell a home.

Also, because more than 44% of buyers look online for houses before they contact a real estate agent, you’ll want to be where the people are. Consider adding banner ads to key websites, and advertise on Facebook and LinkedIn, as well as other social media websites. You can invite people to visit your website, post new listings of homes for sale or open houses you’re holding and build name awareness for yourself. You can also target on Facebook, using zip-codes, Income, age ranges and categories like, “likely to move.”

Just be sure to keep lists of people who contact you. And it pays to verify that the people responding are who they say they are. Use Nuwber to verify their phone number or email address to ensure that you’re corresponding with the person that they claim to be, rather than a competitor or someone you don’t want to communicate with. Once you verify the person’s identity, add them to your contact lists for future marketing and correspondence.

Build landing Pages.

Having a website is essential, but so are landing pages. Most realtors send people to various pages on their website, but unfortunately those pages aren’t optimized to capture a person’s email address or phone number. That’s where landing pages can help. Have specialized landing pages, like “downsizing for seniors,” “luxury homes,” “home valuation landing pages” and “book an appointment landing page.” Studies have shown that realtors that use landing pages increase their leads by over 50%.

Become a “Trusted Advisor”

Consider creating podcasts or short videos that showcase your knowledge of homes in your area. Talk about relevant subjects like financing, interest rates and home price trends. Schedule meetups for first-time buyers so you can tap into that market, and provide key information to help build a relationship with that group. Bring guest speakers like local lenders or attorneys so you can start building a team of people you can work with over time.

Create a newsletter using inexpensive templates that are available online. If you need help with graphics, hire an inexpensive freelancer on or, to handle the actual work for you Once you build a contact list, begin sending out emails on a consistent basis to let people know what type of homes are available and any new developments that could motivate potential buyers or sellers to act now. Whether it’s emails or newsletters, the key to success is consistency.

Offer Virtual Tours

A well-made virtual tour of a home that you can post on your website and advertise on social media can help you draw potential buyers. It helps your listings stand apart from competitors, and offers potential buyers exceptional convenience to see a home without having to leave their own home. Many potential buyers use these videos to narrow their search – in fact, according to the National Association of Realtors, 36% of buyers use video as a part of their search before buying a home.

Don’t Forget FSBOs

The “for sale by owner” listings are another source of leads for a new agent. You know that the sellers are serious, because they’re listing their home for sale. Generally, you’ll find those listings on Craig’s List and Zillow. Once you identify sellers in your area, use all of your marketing tactics to convince them that by using a realtor they will sell their home faster. Have specific landing pages for this group, and address them in your blogs and podcasts.

Be Consistent

As previously mentioned, consistency is the key to generating leads. Whether it’s a social media campaign, newsletter, email series, video or other marketing tactic, be consistent if you want to succeed. Create a calendar to lay out the timing of your marketing campaigns, so you know exactly when you will start each facet of your marketing and which tactic is coming up next. The more people see your name and brand, the more leads you’ll generate and the more successful you’ll be!