Healthy Food Options for Every Meal of the Day

Thinking of meals to create every day can be taxing, and trying to make those meals healthy is even more difficult. You don’t just want to eat boiled chicken and broccoli every night, but what else can you do? Well, there are plenty of meal options at your disposal that are tasty and good for you; you’ve just got to know what to make. Here are a few options for every meal of the day.


The most important meal of the day should start you off right. While it can be tempting to pour yourself a bowl of cereal or scarf down a doughnut, it’s important to fill your belly with nutrients and vitamins. A health-conscious breakfast might include eggs, which are high in protein and natural fats, avocado on wheat toast, your favorite fruit, and a bowl of homemade oatmeal. Avocados provide healthy fats, while wheat toast contains less added sugar than standard white bread; fruits are the best way to consume natural sugars and oatmeal is rich in fiber, ensuring your fullness for many hours–just don’t make the mistake of instant oatmeal, which is packed with added sugars that negate the benefits.


You may not be a rabbit, but you should eat like one. Salads are excellent for keeping your calories under control while getting plenty of vitamins. You can make them in a variety of ways, with different toppings and dressings, but be sure to go light on the dressing or opt for a fat-free or yogurt-based version, as this is the part of a salad that can make it unhealthy very fast. Add chicken, tomatoes, carrots, and croutons! Not feeling green? Try diving into a rice bowl, or if it’s beginning to cool off outside, make your favorite type of soup.


The magnum opus of meals, dinner is a mealtime you can really sink your teeth into. Are you a big meat eater? There’s lean steak and pork, tuna, salmon, and chicken. For sides, you might enjoy cottage cheese, vegetables, beans, rice, or sweet potatoes. If you’ve got some talent in the kitchen, you can try your hand at some recipes, like garlic butter chicken and noodles, creamy salmon with lemon asparagus, or even a shrimp stir fry.

Snacks and Desserts

Have a craving for a late-night snack or after-dinner sweet? Rather than chips or ice cream, try measuring out a serving of nuts and raisins, or putting some nuts and fruit into yogurt. Rice cakes are another crunchy snack that comes in several different flavors, like caramel, apple, chocolate, and sea salt.


If you’re having trouble finding healthy food ideas for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, try some of these dishes out. When this diet is paired with steady exercise, results are sure to come–however, if you’re going to do so, it’s a good idea to wear the proper footwear to avoid bunions and blisters. When and if they begin to develop, visit for information on getting them dealt with. There is a wide range of choices to make that can appeal to all manners of taste. They’re simple, healthy, and, most importantly, delicious.