7 Cool Things to Do in Seoul

Planning a visit to Korea’s capital city, but don’t have a clue about what sorts of activities you should expect to indulge in? Well, perhaps we should begin by letting you know that Seoul is one of the most dynamic and modern cities you could ever come across in Asia. It’s filled with thrilling attractions and places that will keep your disappointment thoughts at bay. From alcohol-tasting to vibrant karaoke nights, you can be sure not to have a dull moment.

So to help you make your visit to Seoul hustle-free, we have come up with a list of the top 7 things to do while there. Feel free to add to your to-do-list;

Get A Glimpse Of The Breathtaking Views From Seoul Tower

If a quiet, slow time is all your yearning for on your first day before embarking on your vigorous city adventure tours, then you should head to Seoul tower to at least get an idea of what to expect. Popularly referred as the Namsam tower by the locals, this gorgeous landmark is pretty visible from all parts of the metropolis. It proudly sits at over 200m on top of the mountain making it the highest point of the city. So if you happen to be in China, you can take advantage of the affordable Hong Kong to Seoul Flights and kick-start your tour here. Enjoy the cable car ride and the 360-degree view of the entire city.

Get Amused At The Lotte World

If you’re planning on traveling with children, then you must include a place where they will have some unforgettable fun. One of such a place in Seoul is the Lotte World. Here you can all enjoy the indoor activities of one of the world’s largest theme park, go through the outdoor amusement park, do some shopping at the large shopping complex and later on have some meal at the hotel. It’s a one-stop shop, where you can comfortably spend the whole day without tiring.

Visit The Gyeongbukgung Palace

You cannot talk about the major attraction in Seoul without mentioning the Gyeongbukgung Palace. The palace is widely admired and praised for its unique ornate and historical features. Its architectural combination is one of its kind and it carefully unravels South Korea’s history in a magnificent way. Plan to spend a whole day here as you can easily move between museums, exhibits and of course trying on some gate-keeper costumes at the main entrance.

Passby The Bukchon Hanok Village

When done with the palace, you can head straight to the Bukchon Hanok Village, which happens to be a walking distance from the palace. While there, explore the streets and take pictures of some of the most inspiring Korean traditional homes. There are also a series of viewpoints to take advantage of as you make your way to the village restaurants and beautiful boutique shops. You can even sample some of the delicious Korean street foods as you move.

Spend A Relaxing Evening At The Cheonggyecheon stream

Feel lazy around Seoul? Then reward yourself with a stroll by the Cheonggyecheon stream. The underneath of its bridges is incredibly beautiful more so at night. You will love the sight of the artificial light-shows complete with musicians. It’s one of the best free tours you would ever enjoy in Seoul.

Go Crazy Bar-Hopping In Hongdae

If you’re up for some wild fun during your visit then you might as well let your part-animal moods out of their closet. You will hold this experience of life, especially if you got friends with you. Hongdae is famous for its vibrant night-life full of the amazing Korean traditions. Here you can be sure to meet wild individuals like you who aren’t afraid to express themselves. From college students to young adults, you can even meet some new friends. You can set a whole evening to go on a partying spree from one restaurant to the next, clubs and bars and finally visit some shops before heading for a rest.

Shop Until You Drop At Dongdaemun

Having some extra money to spend on your holiday is a very important factor. You get to take home with you some lifetime memories and gifts for family and friends. So if the thought of shopping triggers your mind, then Dongdaemun is a must-visit. The entire place is strategically situated and perfect fit for an international commercial shopping destination.

Seoul city is undeniably the accurate definition of a modern-day city with a touch of tradition and nature. It’s filled with edge-cutting designs, a thrilling nightlife, amazing shopping destinations, not forgetting the tallest skyscrapers. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a nature lover, shopaholic or a historian, you will never run out of fantastic things to do over here.