5 Things You Need To Know About Mouthguards, Is it really Effective?

A mouth guard is a protective device that is placed on your jaws to protect your teeth, gums and jaws from injuries mostly during sports. You need to protect your teeth lest you end up losing some of your teeth during wrestling or boxing. There is a lot to learn about mouth guards and this article discusses some of the information.

1. Helps with Sleep

If you have a problem that brings chronic snoring when asleep, try a mouth guard for sleep apnea. Snoring deprives you enough sleep and bring forth other conditions brought about by lack of sleep. It works by pushing the jaw forward and expanding your upper airways to reduce the resistance of air which may cause snoring hence sleep issues. It is a device that does not need professional services.This happens when you have allergies to fine dust or change of weather. It may not be a permanent solution to your snoring condition but if your problem is allergic, a mouth guard will help you get some good sleep.

2. Protects Your Teeth

In sports, the part of your body that would suffer most in case of an accident is your face. Most people put a mask for their eyes but forget their mouth. You will need to protect it too using a mouth guard. This will ensure that your teeth are not affected in case you fall and get hurt. Children who love bike riding and scooters are also at risk of hurting their mouths in the process. Make sure you get a fitting piece for them to protect their growing teeth. Even a slight fall can make their teeth fall off since the gums are still developing. That is why you should always have a mouth guard in place before outdoor activities take place.

3. Needs Proper Cleaning and Storage

Taking good care of your mouth guard will ensure that it will protect you more. If you fail to care for it may bring discomfort since it might not feet your mouth well. You may also need to replace your mouth guard after periodic use and anytime you notice some signs of damage. Clean your mouth guard before and after every use and also soak it once a week in cleaning solution. You can also use disinfectant sprays that are specifically used on mouth guards. They should be stored in a ventilated container and should never be left in the sun or hot vehicle. Keep your mouth guard away from pets that may chew it.

4. It is a DIY Device

A mouth guard is easy to fix device. You do not need the help of a dentist to have one fixed in your mouth. The store man can help you choose the right size and also guide you on the different types that they have in stock. A mouth guard is affordable and comes in different colours. If you are choosing some for your children, consider their comfort and a piece that will stay firmly on their upper teeth during all their activities without being displaced by biting or clenching with the teeth. Mouth guards from dentists are believed to be expensive for the fixing charges and that is why most people prefer to buy them from the store and get a manual on how to put them in the mouth themselves.

5. You Can Use a Mouth Guard when in Braces

Most kids may not know how to take care of their braces when they go out to play. Braces are quite expensive to wear and they also need to be protected so that they can serve their purpose of strengthening and putting the teeth in line. Mouth guards will keep the braces safe and you will not need to worry about the kind of games your kids play when you are not around them. You may need to talk to a children dentist before using mouth guards on braces so that they can confirm that it is okay to put them.

Mouth guards need dental checkup once in a while. This will ensure that they are properly cleaned and inspected by a professional. You also need to store them properly if you want to use them for a longer time. It is not advisable to wash your mouth guard using the same brush you use on your teeth. Get a different brush for that. You can use soft detergents and rinse it with warm clean water afterwards. Keep your mouth guards safe in a clean and dry place.