5 Benefits of Healthy Vision

It can be easy to forget how important our vision is when everything’s working properly. Most of us rely on vision more than any of our other five senses, but we may not realize it unless something starts to go wrong.

Read on for the benefits of healthy vision that you may have forgotten about.

Getting Around

Whether we’re walking or driving, our vision is invaluable in helping us navigate safely. We use our vision to chart our path, avoid obstacles and accidents, and scan for unexpected dangers. Even familiar places like our homes and offices can be difficult to navigate if we suddenly lose our vision, whether it’s because of a sudden plunge into darkness or something more seriously wrong with our eyes.

Food Safety

Although smell is the most important sense when it comes to determining whether something is safe to eat, vision plays a significant role as well. It can often alert us that something is wrong even before we smell it, such as when we spot mold or discoloration. Vision is also crucial if we have a stuffy nose because we’re no longer able to depend on smell to tell if our food’s gone bad. Interestingly, vision also plays a role in taste: a study done with wine connoisseurs showed that 9 out of 10 could not tell the difference between red wine and white wine with red food coloring added in.

Relationships and Communication

Eyes are referred to as the “window to the soul” for good reason. Many of our expressiveness centers around our eyes, but our vision itself is so much more important for communication and relationships. Our vision is often the first sense we use when we’re meeting a new person to help us determine their attractiveness and compatibility for romance or friendship. We also use our vision to read important cues in body language that we can’t get from any other senses.

Enjoying and Creating Art

Visual arts, from paintings to movies to comic books, are much more difficult–if not impossible–to enjoy without good vision. Similarly, creating these kinds of arts gets increasingly difficult the worse our vision gets. Although much can be said for using our other senses to approach art, this is not always possible.

Loss of Other Senses

Finally, our vision can help make up for the loss of any of our other senses. A common cold or even allergies can deprive us of full use of senses like smell and taste. Issues like tinnitus can affect our hearing, especially as we age. Our other senses often try to compensate if one isn’t working properly, and vision can be one of the most useful.

It’s clear that our vision is an important tool in staying healthy and active, but many of us don’t get regular eye exams. Unfortunately, many vision problems don’t show noticeable symptoms in the early stages. If it’s been more than a year since your last comprehensive eye exam, the ophthalmologists at Eye7 Chaudhary Eye Centre are available to help make sure your vision stays in top shape. With regular eye exams you’ll be able to go back to forgetting all the little ways in which vision makes your life safer, healthier, and more enjoyable.