4 Tips for Choosing a Website Builder for Your Site

When you’re not interested in hiring an expensive web studio and you don’t code or design sites yourself, then you’ll need a website builder to get a site online. These builders come in all shapes and sizes. Here are four tips for what to look out for when shopping for a website builder.

Verify How Long They’ve Offered the Service

There are quite a few fly-by-night website builders at any given time. They come, and they go. When they offer a combination of a free service along with some premium upgrades, there’s still the possibility of them taking your money and disappearing on you.

Your website is important enough to do a little background checking to see how many years that the builder service has been operating before signing up with them. Because even if your website builder is operating a free site, the inconvenience of suddenly losing all functionality because they’ve shut down is very real and costly to your business. Even if you’re using a free builder for a personal site, it’ll still be an inconvenience you can do without, which is avoidable with a little research.

Can They Host a Domain Name or Only a Subdomain?

Some website builders will host your site as a subdomain only. This means the web address might look like mywebsite.theirwebsite.com. This is less than ideal if you’re using the site for professional purposes such as a company, club or association.

How Many Design Templates or Themes Are Available?

When you’re looking at Wix, Weebly, Squarespace or SiteBuilder.com, you want to see what design choices they offer. They will either have graphical themes or templates ready to add to your site and run with. They don’t require any tweaking or coding to make them work, but you can usually adjust colours and sometimes parts of the layout or add some features while removing others.

It depends how well developed the site builder is as to how many templates or themes they have for customers to use. When the quality of the design is high, then more is better. However, some builders offer low quality or outdated designs, in which case a builder with a smaller, better quality collection of site templates is preferred. You can usually view some of them before signing up and the builder service may offer a greater number of stylish templates for premium users.

How Happy Are Their Customers?

Ask around with your business colleagues whom you know have used a site builder service to see how happy they are. Are there things they’re less than pleased with or find difficult to use? Are there features they wish were offered but are currently lacking? Run some searches online for customers who were disgruntled with a website builder service to see what problems they were experiencing. Usually, you can learn more from complaining customers than the happy ones; at least, to know what website builders to avoid!

A website builder is an excellent option to save both money and time getting a site online. You don’t have to wait for a custom design to be created or deal with the majority of technical issues involved with hosting or setting up a site. They’re also good value for what they provide, and you can move onto something more sophisticated when you’re ready.